Welcome to LED Cooler Door Lights, your source for the best LED replacement lights for refrigerated display lighting. Nowadays, as the technology is increasingly becoming advance, most convenience store, supermarket and petrol C-Store owners are seeking the best solutions to replace the old fluorescent lamps in their respective refrigerated and freezer cases.


As the supply of the magnetic ballasts utilized to power the antiquated technology is going down the drain, now is the right time to improve your facility’s lighting to a much more energy efficient system with LED cooler door lights. These new cooler door lights have now taken the place of the T12 and T8 fluorescent for refrigerated display lighting in merchandising walk-in freezers and coolers with 4′, 5′ and 6′ foot LED light strips (modules)

LED Cooler Door Lights

The Advantages of LED Cooler Door Lights Over Fluorescent Lamps 

The LED lighting system for walk in coolers and freezers offers significant maintenance and energy savings over the current fluorescent lights usually utilized in freezers and coolers. The LED cooler door lights make use of just 20w for a five-foot strip and 24w for a six-foot strip. One other advantage of these new cooler door lights over the phase-out T12 fluorescent is that the new refrigerated display LED light gives off much less heat than that of a fluorescent lighting; thereby, dramatically reducing the load on the retail store’s compressors.

As the energy savings is the main objective to retrofitting your walk-ins LED cooler door lights and with ceiling mounted LED cooler lights for walk in coolers and freezers. An additional benefit is the quality of attraction of the light they give off. These new lighting systems provide the retail store’s frozen and refrigerated products a more uniform illumination and a beckoning glow. We all know that in the merchandising business, the more attractive product presentation appears, the more customers are likely to be motivated to make a purchase.

The installation of the new long-life and energy efficient LED cooler door lights in the place of the current T12 and T8 fluorescent technology permits store owners to aggressively fulfill their environmental sustainability goals. In convenience stores, supermarkets and petrol C-stores where the new LED cooler door lights will be put to work are expected to net about sixty six percent energy savings as compared with the old fluorescent technology.

Most of the topmost United States convenience stores and supermarkets/grocers are now making use of the LED cooler door lighting solutions.

Now, let us talk about some of the basic benefits of retrofitting LED cooler door lights in your convenience store, supermarket or petrol C-Store

  • The enhanced product visibility with reduced light-source flash on products and floors.
  • Energy savings ranging from 75% to 80%.
  • More healthy and better for the environment than the fluorescent simply because they do not contain mercury or glass and they do not emit infrared and/or UV light.
  • They are a hidden light source that gives better access to products for customers and stockers.
  • They double the life of the popular fluorescent in cold environments as such, reducing maintenance costs and hassles.
LED Cooler Door Lights

In addition, the LED cooler refrigerated display lighting solutions do save watts by reducing the load on the compressor. For each and every light reduced in case of a frozen food, the compressor works much less, saving about 0.45 watts. In case of a five-door, the extra energy savings from a lessened load on the compressor can reach up to three hundred and thirty watts vs. VHO fluorescent or one hundred and thirty four watts vs. HO fluorescent but not less than seventy watts vs. T8 fluorescence.

The new LED solutions have considerably extended the re-lamping cycles beyond five years contrary to the two-year cycle time that is basically associated with the T12 lamps. They provide a color temperature of around 4000K and 5000k and a  color rendering index of grater than 75.

Whenever you are considering a retrofit project, check with your local utility company. Some of them offer rebates and incentives that help cut down the initial investment. According to ECSC (Energy Cost Saving Council), energy-efficient lighting projects produce an average forty five percent returns on investment paying for themselves in less than 24 months.

The SimpeTube LED cooler door lights are ballast-free lights which contain patented internal driver that make them remote power supply free. The installation is as simple as connecting speaker wires. It is my hope that one day all the walk-in refrigerated display case lighting will utilize energy-efficient LEDs.

Convenience store, supermarket and c-store owners all know they eventually have to replace traditional fluorescent lighting in their refrigerated display cases with LED cooler door lights. But what company and what product can deliver a total cost-effective LED lighting solution? Green Energy Solutions and SimpleTube. The Winning Combination for Convenience and Grocery Stores! 

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