LED Cooler Lights

Ceiling mounted LED Cooler Lights for walk in coolers and freezers featuring IP65 and IP67 ratings for wet locations, etc. . With excellent optics for increased visibility, security, the LED cooler lights will evenly illuminate your walk in cooler and freezers.

Overhead LED cooler lights offer advantages in commercial and industrial walk-in coolers and freezers because they don’t run the risk of failure in low temperatures and high humidity environments as traditional lighting. Ceiling mounted LED cooler lights turn on instantly and don’t need time to warm up to reach full brightness. Also the lamps do not contain any mercury which could contaminate your stored food if and when a fluorescent bulb breaks.

Ideal for cold storage lighting and freezer warehouses, production areas and more. See Cold Storage Lighting for more industrial and commercial lighting ceiling mounted luminaires.

The durable design of these Vapor Tight LED linear fixtures allows for use in a variety of indoor and outdoor applications; Canopy Lighting, Covered Walkway Lighting, Parking Garage Lighting, Stairwell Lighting, Security Lighting

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LED Cooler Lights

LED Cooler Lights

LED Vapor Tight Lighting by Portor

IP66 rated, for indoors or outdoors, protection against dust, humidity and water spray. surface or suspension mounting, 0-10V dimmable standard; available in 4ft and 8ft, up to 10,275 lumens @ 75W; 45/75W; Prices start at $

LED Vapor Tight

LED Vapor Tight – by Crystal Lighting

Great for food processing facilities, Commercial kitchens, Breweries, Industrial facilities, Livestock containment buildings, Parking Garages, Laundries, Car Washes, Underpasses, tunnels; IP67 rated, waterproof, dustproof; 5545lm @ 56W; 5000k; DLC listed; Made in USA; Available in 40/56W. Prices start at $. 

LED Vapor Tight

LED Vapor Tight – by Altech 

This DLC listed inear fixture produces 6600 lumens at 60W; 5000K; 220 beam angle; IP67 rated; Replaces existing fixtures up to 216W. Surface mount; Frosted or Clear Lens Cover; Available in 40W, 60W. Prices start at $

LED Vapor Proof Jelly Jars

LED Vapor Proof Jelly Jars -by Crystal 

wall mount LED vapor proof fixture, 11″ x 6″, 952 lumens @ 18W; Prices start at $



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