Florists and Floral Display Case Lighting

Floral display cases must be brightly lit for optimal floral merchandising. Better looking florists and floral display case lighting plus better illumination equal increased impulse sales. True color rendering is essential for impulse sales of all floral bouquets. The LED cooler door lights with a 5000k color temperature are full-spectrum lamps that impart a bright, white light that makes all colors stand out.

Florists and Floral Display Case Lighting 

Florists and Floral Display Case Lighting 

Florists and floral display case lighting in flower shops and supermarket floral displays considering a lighting retrofit are turning to LED lighting as the best solution. Along with a brighter display and colors that “pop”, LED cooler door lights substantially reduce heat and harmful UV rays.

Heat and ultraviolet light radiated by most fluorescent display case lamps accelerate the organic decomposition of harvested flowers and can contribute to dehydration. UV radiation in floral display case lighting encourages cut flowers to bloom, and blossoms to open and eventually decompose.

Increased surface temperatures from florists and floral display case lighting can encourage bacteria to grow, causing flowers to decompose. Floral display case lamps causing flower buds to bloom prematurely, wilt, or ‘blast’ and fall off, are responsible for increased product shrinkage and lost sales.

Floral shops need to sell their stock quickly and keep their flowers fresh by protecting them from the premature damage caused by heat and radiation. LED cooler door lights combine true color rendering with low levels of damaging UV radiation, prolonging the shelf life of floral displays while showcasing them to the best advantage and helping to sell quickly.

True color rendering is an essential aspect of retail floral lighting. Flowers are vibrant in a floral display with LED floral display lights. 

For unparalleled color performance and optimal illumination of floral displays, LED light strips are the superior choice. Velvety roses and eye-popping spring flowers look stunning enticing shoppers to buy. And with LEDs, reduced heat, and UV emissions, your flowers and plants stay fresh longer!

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