Advantages of LED Over T8 Lamps

Convenience stores, supermarkets and gas station C-stores have recurring problems with their T8 fluorescent refrigerated display lighting and are impressed by the advantages of LED over T8 lamps. Poor lighting, high energy costs, ballast failures, continual repairs and customer dissatisfaction are constant complaints from retailers.

Following the lead of retail giants Wal-mart, Target and c-stores like 7-Eleven and Kwik-Mart, many convenience stores and grocer owners are looking to replace the inefficient and outdated fluorescent lamps with very efficient LED cooler door lights. With the phase-out of T12 lamps and ballast and the limited time availability of utility rebates, now is the time to act and start saving energy, enjoy reduced electric bills and eliminate the maintenance of re-lamping and ballast replacement. Just a few of the advantages of LED over T8 lamps.

The advantages of LED over T8 lamps are not limited to energy savings and maintenance savings, but retailers are impressed with lighting uniformity, a neater look and true color rendering of food and beverage products in coolers and freezers alike.

Advantages of the SimpleTube over T8 LED Tubes

  • Exclusive, patented internal driver, no remote driver to replace
  • Triangular shape for better and complete product illumination
  • Equipped with a proprietary special shield to eliminate glare associated with cooler doors and lighting
  • Dimmable with select dimmers
  • Easy installation, like connecting stereo speaker wires.
  • No bi-pins or plastic end caps!
  • Six year manufacturer warranty
  • Rated for 50,000 plus hours

Other advantages of LED over T8 lamps;

  • the customer perceives your business is on the cutting edge and environmentally responsible.
  • The installation of SimpleTube LED lights will actually transform the store, giving customers an impression that you made a major investment, as now the store is so bright and vibrant!


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