Walk In Cooler LED Lights

Walk-in coolers and freezer cases are undergoing a significant change with the retrofit of cooler door lighting with the new Walk-In Cooler LED Lights. Convenience stores, supermarkets and gas station C-stores are discovering that these brighter, long-lasting Walk-In Cooler LED Lights not only show great energy savings but also show substantial maintenance savings.

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Walk-In Cooler LED Lights

By replacing the old, inefficient T12 fluorescent lamps with the SimpleTube Walk-In Cooler LED Lights, grocery stores of every size can now display beer, wine, soft drinks, frozen foods, deli, produce, etc in truer brighter colors. A retrofit with Walk-In Cooler LED Lights has increased sales and raise your environmental profile in the community. 

All models of coolers, freezers, meat & deli cases, refrigerated display cases can be retrofitted quickly and easily with the SimpleTube LED cooler door lights, providing you with an efficient, visually appealing lighting system that will last 10 plus years.

The patented SimpleTube LED cooler door lights is designed specifically for refrigerated and freezer cases and have a unique internal driver. This unique design eliminates the need for the added expense and additional maintenance of a remote or external power supply. No external driver or ballast means NO additional heat is generated which causes the compressor to work harder. SimpleTube LED saves you even more money by reducing your maintenance costs to zero. Just think about it. No more replacing lamps every year, No more replacing ballasts every year. And best of all, no more dark display cases!

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