LED Refrigeration Lights are used in Reach-in glass-door refrigeration coolers and freezers; Multi-deck applications such as fruit and vegetable display cases; Supermarkets including Meat and Fish display cases; Grocery and Convenience Stores; Livestock containment buildings; Food processing facilities; Commercial kitchens and Cold Storage.

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LED Refrigeration Lights

LED Refrigeration Lights

LED Refrigeration Lights by James Industry

Dramatically improves the look of any food or merchandise being displayed; Energy efficient design significantly reduces the cost of ownership – savings up to 75%; Light diffuser contains no glass providing zero risk of glass breakage; Instant start in cold environments. Available in 2ft, 3ft., 4ft, 5ft, and 6ft for vertical and horizontal installation.4ft prices start at $50 each for a minimum order of 5 units.



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Ceiling mounted LED Cooler Lights for walk in coolers and freezers featuring IP65 and IP67 ratings for wet locations, etc. . With excellent optics for increased visibility, security, the LED cooler lights will evenly illuminate your walk in cooler and freezers.

Overhead LED cooler lights offer advantages in commercial and industrial walk-in coolers and freezers because they don’t run the risk of failure in low temperatures and high humidity environments as traditional lighting. Ceiling mounted LED cooler lights turn on instantly and don’t need time to warm up to reach full brightness. Also the lamps do not contain any mercury which could contaminate your stored food if and when a fluorescent bulb breaks.

Ideal for cold storage lighting and freezer warehouses, production areas and more. See Cold Storage Lighting for more industrial and commercial lighting ceiling mounted luminaires.

The durable design of these Vapor Tight LED linear fixtures allows for use in a variety of indoor and outdoor applications; Canopy Lighting, Covered Walkway Lighting, Parking Garage Lighting, Stairwell Lighting, Security Lighting

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LED Cooler Lights

LED Cooler Lights

LED Vapor Tight Lighting by Portor

IP66 rated, for indoors or outdoors, protection against dust, humidity and water spray. surface or suspension mounting, 0-10V dimmable standard; available in 4ft and 8ft, up to 10,275 lumens @ 75W; 45/75W; Prices start at $

LED Vapor Tight

LED Vapor Tight – by Crystal Lighting

Great for food processing facilities, Commercial kitchens, Breweries, Industrial facilities, Livestock containment buildings, Parking Garages, Laundries, Car Washes, Underpasses, tunnels; IP67 rated, waterproof, dustproof; 5545lm @ 56W; 5000k; DLC listed; Made in USA; Available in 40/56W. Prices start at $. 

LED Vapor Tight

LED Vapor Tight – by Altech 

This DLC listed inear fixture produces 6600 lumens at 60W; 5000K; 220 beam angle; IP67 rated; Replaces existing fixtures up to 216W. Surface mount; Frosted or Clear Lens Cover; Available in 40W, 60W. Prices start at $

LED Vapor Proof Jelly Jars

LED Vapor Proof Jelly Jars -by Crystal 

wall mount LED vapor proof fixture, 11″ x 6″, 952 lumens @ 18W; Prices start at $



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SimpleTube LED Cooler Door Lights Installation Video

This factory-produced video fully explains and demonstrates the easy installation of the SimpleTube LED cooler door lights. With no external LED driver or ballast, the SimpleTube install is as simple as connecting speaker wires. And best of all, with our patented, unique internal driver, the benefit to the supermarket or convenience store owner is a lower installation cost and zero maintenance for 10 to 12 years.


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Our LED 2×4 drop-in ceiling panels are a slim, state-of-the-art  LED flat panel that combines super high output with several installation options. The LED ceiling panel can be suspended freely, flush-mounted, or as a part of a suspended ceiling. This LED panel is designed to replace a 2′ x 4′ fluorescent troffer with 4 tubes.

Offered in warm white (3500K), neutral White (4100K) and cool white (5000K) color options for all lighting scenarios. With electrical savings of up to 60% and estimated life of over 70,000 hours, operational, maintenance and replacement costs drop significantly with an LED Panel Light retrofit instead of traditional fluorescent lighting and one does not have to deal with the toxic mercury found in all fluorescent bulbs and tubes. Up to 15 years of maintenance-free operation and backed by a 5-year manufacturer warranty.

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LED 2×4 Drop-in Ceiling Panels

LED 2x4 drop-in ceiling panels

LED 2×4 drop-in ceiling panels – Edge Lit Flat Panels

recessed, installed on a surface mount or suspended from an open ceiling layout; Available in 20W, 30W, or 40W, depending on the ordered configuration; 1×4, 2×2, 2×4; Prices start at $

LED 2x4 drop-in ceiling panels

LED 2×4 drop-in ceiling panels – Duo Color and Power Switchable Flat Panels

DUO Color and Power Switchable Flat Panel; low profile 2×2 and 2×4 fixtures, lighting fixture; easily change and control light color outputs; Available in 15/20/25/30/35/40/48W; Prices start at $



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Article: A Big Return On Investment – Ali Farsai grew up in the convenience store business. His family has owned c-stores for more than 25 years, and currently owns four BP ampm locations in California. But it wasn’t until a trip to Europe when he read the book, “Hot, Flat and Crowded,” by Thomas Friedman that he discovered his true passion — energy efficiency.

“After I read the book, I decided I wanted to incorporate everything ‘green’ that I could into our stores because I knew them really well and knew they would benefit,” Farsai told CSNews Online. By making small changes to the outdoor canopy and cooler doors, he is saving an average of $7,000 annually per store. “There is nothing else in the convenience store that we can invest in like this and get a guaranteed return on our money. Once you see that utility bill go down, you think, ‘I should have been doing this a long time ago.‘”

A Big Return On Investment

After seeing success in his family’s four locations, Farsai decided to extend his reach to help other store owners achieve the same results. He created Green C-Store Solutions Inc., based in Costa Mesa, Calif., and is helping other franchisees in the area retrofit and convert their stores to conserve energy and money.

“We are a contracting company, so we do everything from top to bottom,” he said. “Everything I’ve done in my stores, I can offer to other people. I won’t install anything in another person’s location that I have not put in my own stores.”

Once an owner knows what changes are needed and purchases the products, it only takes three or four days to implement, said Farsai, who recommends contractors work at off hours — from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. — so they don’t affect traffic.

Making the Changes

The first place Farsai tackled when making changes to his stores was the outdoor canopy. While many people believe the best energy-efficient option is to replace the lighting with LED bulbs, Farsai decided after extensive research to utilize induction lighting technology instead. Not only is it less expensive to install, but it also offers a longer lifespan and is superior to LED for outdoor lighting, he said.

“LED is a good technology, but in my research, it is better for inside the store because they work better in a cold environment, which is a concern in California. That is why they are great in cooler doors,” he explained. “Also, LED is more of a spotlight-specific bulb, and outside by the canopy, you want it to be bright all around for security and to be seen from the street.”

While induction technology is more than 100 years old, Farsai said it is getting more attention because large companies are beginning to use it. Unlike LED, which requires retailers to replace the entire lighting fixture, induction can be retrofitted to the existing fixture — just a new bulb in most cases — which makes the technology much less expensive for a location to install. Induction also brightens a larger area of the canopy and lasts up to 100,000 hours, he noted.

When lighting his stores’ coolers, however, Farsai selected LED lights. Not only do they use less energy, but spotlight the products to grab customer attention. “We saw an uptick in cooler sales after putting in LED because the products looked more attractive from a distance,” he said. Also, the LED lights last five years, which is much longer than the one to two years for T12s or T8s that many stores currently use.

A Big Return

While creating an energy-efficient store requires an initial investment, many utility companies are offering rebates up front, which can immediately bring return-on-investment up, said Farsai.

“It’s free money available to store owners,” he noted. “On the utility bill, there is usually a line item for a government-funded program. If it’s on your bill, and you are paying for it, you might as well take advantage of the money.”

To retrofit his first location, the overall cost was $17,000, but he also received a $3,000 rebate from the utility company, bringing his cost to $14,000. After introducing the changes, the location saw a 20-percent reduction in utility costs.

“I always tell owners, their costs [for] utilities are going up and in the future, they will have to make the changes anyway, and then the rebates won’t be available,” Farsai explained. “The return is immediate. Once you install the changes, you begin to get the return.”

The next step for Farsai’s four ampm stores is to change the indoor ceiling lights to LED. While there isn’t any rebate money available for it, there is still a reduction in energy usage because those lights remain on 24 hours per day.

“In the two years since making the changes at our stores, we have made our initial investment back and now, I am reaping the benefits of a lower utility bill,” he said. “In the past, we might have been around $4,000 a month and now, we are down to $2,800.”


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Saving nearly $78,000 per year in total lighting costs following a lighting retrofit

SmartWatt Energy conducted a construction-grade energy audit of the facility that included offices, loading docks, laboratories, storage and freezer space. It then engineered a plan to replace the existing lighting system with energy-efficient T-8 and T-5 fluorescent lighting in most of the spaces and install LED lighting in all of the freezer space, the firm stated.

“The ice cream freezer was the latest phase in a larger energy-efficiency project we’ve been working on with SmartWatt Energy for the last couple of years,” said Gary Dake, President at Stewart’s Shops. “We appreciate their ability to help us reduce costs, while helping us achieve ambitious sustainability goals. Their execution was flawless — clearly cold storage projects are their specialty.”

The new lighting will save 783,481-kilowatt hours of electricity per year. The project is expected to pay for itself in 16 months.


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Ten reasons for LED freezer door lights

As the phase-out of T-12 fluorescent lamps is beginning to have impact in the grocery retail business, LED freezer door lights in reach ins and freezers continues to gain more and more attention. Here are a few reason why;

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LED Freezer Door Lights 
  • Utility company rebates. Store owners opting to upgrade to an LED refrigerated case display lighting may receive from $25 to $100 per door.
  • Operating temperature. -40C to +40C  
  • Low energy consumption. 
  • No UV or IR
  • Sleek, low profile design
  • Long lamp life – Rated at 50,000+ hours
  • No external LED Driver, direct main connect – Elimination of bulky, heat generating ballast allows for a clean install, especially in tight spaces 
  • Dimmable with select dimmers – Unlike T8 LEDs, a solid-state lighting system is compatible with motion sensors and dimmers, allowing reduced energy usage when store traffic is minimal.
  • User friendly installation – like connecting speaker wire
  • Color temperature of 5000k for product enhancement and customer appeal


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A 7-Eleven franchisee goes LED in Pittsburgh, PA and joined many other 7- Eleven convenience stores, supermarkets, gas station food marts, liquor stores and other c-stores in upgrading their existing walk in coolers, freezers and reach in coolers with the SimpleTube LED.

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SimpleTube LED Cooler Door Lights

With a choice between the SimpleTube Silver and the premium SimpleTube Platinum, 7-Eleven Handee Marts selected the economical SimpleTube Silver as the LED refrigerated display case lighting for their LED upgrade.

As reported in Convenience Store Decisions, the sales decline of packaged and carbonated drinks and the sales increase of healthy choices like water, teas, juices – and energy drinks – attracts a younger generation of consumers. These younger buyers are primarily female and are tend to shop more in stores where display lighting is brighter and product visibility is enhanced. SimpleTube LED will help the retail store gain customers over the competition by presenting an attractive and environmentally conscious store. 

Energy Savings

The SimpleTube LED cooler door lights are ideal for both reach ins, walk in coolers and freezer applications. There is significant energy savings associated with replacing old, inefficient T12 and T8 fluroescent lamps with SimpleTube LED refrigerated display lighting..


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Shining A Light On The LED Opportunity

By Tom Pincince

Smart investors know that, often, the biggest growth opportunities are the ones you can’t invest in – yet. New technologies typically have the most potential for growth when they are still under development or in the early phases of market penetration. At that point, fledgling companies have infinite possibility and tremendous risk and need investors who are accustomed to this type of deal. If you have the ability and fortitude to invest in an emerging company at this critical stage, the rewards can be significant.

The creation of new markets is often dependent on component technologies opening up opportunities, rather than the development of entire supply chains of products. This creates interesting supply-demand curves, which has been happening in many areas of clean tech, including in the LED markets.

Established LED players – Cree, Rubicon and others – have successfully built powerhouse businesses around the LED chip itself, investing persistence and cash to bring LEDs to where they are today. Now, LEDs are ready for a broad range of applications and are able to successfully displace conventional lighting technology.

Many manufacturers are addressing this market with an evolutionary approach – incorporating LEDs into traditional lighting fixtures and replacement bulb form factors. Others are taking a more revolutionary approach and using the LED chip as an opportunity to rethink the lighting value proposition and leverage LEDs as highly controllable illumination sources that open up new types of applications


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Bright idea: How LED technology is key to future smart buildings

Article by Casey Talon. Published August 15, 2012

Cost and functionality have traditionally been two big hurdles for the widespread use of LED lighting technology in commercial buildings. With technical improvements and increasing awareness of LED energy efficiency beneits, there has been some limited adoption in parking and exterior applications.

But the convergence of building automation and information technology that is transforming the facilities management industry — and helping define the smart buildings market — presents a significant opportunity for deployments in LED (light emitting diode) applications.

Smart buildings are defined by integrated controls and automation that optimize how equipment operates to manage costs and improve efficiencies. Lighting is one of six key smart building technology segments, as outlined by IDC Energy Insights, that enable building systems to respond to internal policies, weather, or even utility price signals to balance the occupants’ needs, in this case for lighting, and business objectives.

We’ve outlined three distinct benefits a business can reap with a smart building lighting system. And when the lighting technology is a LED, the benefits are amplified and illustrate an opportunity for investment that can trump the pushback on upfront cost.

Energy Efficiency: LEDs have long been touted for their superior energy efficiency benefits in comparison to other lighting retrofit options. This benefit is counterbalanced by the challenge for consumers to incur a significant cost premium.

The industry continues to evolve with innovation improvements in chip and driver technology, the components engineered to deliver light, are helping drive down this pricing challenge.

Even more, when integrated into a smart building lighting solution, the automation and controls of the LED system amplify energy savings potential by optimizing lighting in response to daylight and occupancy.

Operational Efficiency: The energy savings generated by an LED system can be quantified in terms of a reduction in demand and illustrated in real dollar savings by comparing utility bills.


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