Reading this article explains fully why T8 LEDs are marketed so aggressively as replacement lamps in convenience store walk in coolers and freezers. In short, the Department of Energy warns against T8 LEDs  as replacement lamps for store or office 2 x 4 troffers. Please read the article – DOE repeats warnings regarding LED T8 Replacement Lamps 

DOE repeats warnings regarding LED T8 Replacement Lamps

“in this country alone there are tens of millions of recessed troffer fixtures with 4′ fluorescent T8 lamps in use in commercial and institutional applications – and a ton of LED products being touted as energy-saving “drop-in” equivalents that can be substituted right off the shelf. Since at this stage of the game those LED products are a far cry from matching the performance of fluorescent T8s, it all adds up to a surefire recipe for consumer disappointment.”

Manufacturers and distributors of T8 LEDs are getting shut out as replacement lamps for commercial offices, etc and have turned their attention to display lighting in convenience stores, supermarkets, c-stores and gas station food marts. 


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