LED Lighting in Convenience Store and Supermarket Freezers

Today more and more floor space of convenience stores, supermarkets, and petrol C-store is dedicated to refrigerated and freezer cases. As society evolves, more products and merchandise are displayed in refrigerated display cases. These cases account for more than 50% of the annual energy cost of these retail stores. With the very slim profit margins of convenience stores and supermarkets, operators are looking for energy efficiency in commercial refrigeration, enter LED lighting in convenience store and supermarket freezers.

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LED Lighting in Convenience Store and Supermarket Freezers

Until very recently, c-stores and grocers were using inefficient fluorescent lamps to light the coolers and freezers. The problems with T12 lamps are numerous; brightness levels degrade soon after a relamp; ballasts not made for cold environments are known to fail suddenly. To prevent breakage the lamps required a protective sleeve which yellowed and cracked over time. Furthermore, the uneven lighting and poor mounting locations for the fluorescent lamps along with the rising cost is re-lamping and ballast replacement forced store owners to search for a better solution.










The SimpleTube LED refrigerated lighting system provides a better solution. SimpleTube LED cooler door lights do not suffer the same drop in light output under cold temperatures. SimpleTube LED centers are designed at a 60-degree angle to better illuminate the product displayed in the cooler and freezer doors thus providing more efficient lighting.


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