SimpleTube LED Replacement Lamps

SimpleTube LED cooler door lights are engineered as replacement lamps for inefficient T-12 and T-8 fluorescent tubes in convenience stores, supermarkets and gas station C-stores refrigerators and freezers. The SimpleTube LED Replacement Lamps are a second-generation model offering up to 79% power savings over the commonly used fluorescent tube ballast combinations due to lower heat emissions which in turn substantially reduces the strain and demand on walk-in cooler compressors.

SimpleTube LED Replacement Lamps

SimpleTube LED Replacement Lamps are the industry’s most efficient LED refrigerated display lighting, consuming as much as 50% less power than comparable LED fixtures from other manufacturers. Additional benefits of the second-generation SimpleTube LED Replacement Lamps have longer lifetimes, lower maintenance costs, a comprehensive six-year warranty, and significantly better lumen maintenance over the service life.


Independent laboratory testing performed to LM79 confirms the efficacy of up to 61 lumens per watt. The total efficacy of the SimpleTube LED Replacement Lamps is near twice the efficacy of the other solid-state lighting products commercially available for similar applications. SimpleTube LEDs are UL listed, assuring compliance with internationally recognized safety standards, and they are offered in ANSI color bins.

The color quality and consistency enhance product appearance and will not degrade appreciably over the 50,000+ hour projected life of the product. SimpleTube LED Replacement Lamps are available in a 60-degree angle for center and end placement and a flat angle for horizontal applications. 

THD (total harmonic distortion) correction is a feature of the SimpleTube Platinum series that complies with emerging regulations and proposed Department of Energy (DOE) specifications. This patent-pending feature assures end-users of compliance with existing and future regulations regarding the use of AC based LED systems.

AC-based LED systems eliminate the need for AC to DC power conversion and secondary driver systems that historically are the “weak link” in other solid-state lighting solutions. This innovation keeps the SimpleTube product family ahead of all competing LED products.

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