Walk-in coolers and freezer cases are undergoing a significant change with the retrofit of cooler door lighting with the new Walk In Cooler LED Lights. Convenience stores, supermarkets and gas station C-stores are discovering that these brighter, long lasting Walk In Cooler LED Lights not only show great energy savings, but also show substantial maintenance savings.

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Walk In Cooler LED Lights

By replacing the old, inefficient T12 fluorescent lamps with the SimpleTube Walk In Cooler LED Lights, grocery stores of every size can now display beer, wine, soft drinks, frozen foods, deli, produce, etc in truer brighter colors. A retrofit with Walk In Cooler LED Lights has increased sales and raise your environmental profile in the community. 

All models of coolers, freezers, meat & deli cases, refrigerated display cases can be retrofitted quickly and easily with the SimpleTube LED cooler door lights, providing you with an efficient, visually appealing lighting system that will last 10 plus years.

Walk In Cooler LED Lights
















The patented SimpleTube LED cooler door lights is designed specifically for refrigerated and freezer cases and has a unique internal driver. This unique design eliminates the need for the added expense and additional maintenance of a remote or external power supply. No external driver or ballast means NO additional heat is generated which causes the compressor to work harder. SimpleTube LED saves you even more money by reducing your maintenance costs to zero. Just think about it. No more replacing lamps every year, No more replacing ballasts every year. And best of all, no more dark display cases!

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Due to recent legislation, in July 2012 replacement lamps for the majority of installed fluorescent lighting will no longer be available. Why replace T12 lamps with LED cooler door lights? 

These new regulations mandate the phase out of many of the inefficient T12 lamps. For years the F60 and the F72 fluorescent lamps have been the only options available to convenience stores, supermarket owners and gas station c-stores. Retailers have long complained about the expense of continually re-lamping of short -lived fluorescent lamps. Many retailers became so frustrated with replacing lamps and ballast, they simply let the walk in coolers and freezer cases go dark.

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Why Replace T12 Lamps With LED Cooler Door Lights

Why Make the Switch?

Some fluorescent lamps will no longer for sale. As of July 1, 2010, the Department of energy (DOE) prohibited the manufacture of T-12 magnetic ballasts. And on July 1, 2012, the production of most T12 lamps will be phased out following new DOE fluorescent lamp regulations.

What’s The Hurry?

There are currently substantial utility rebates and incentives offered by local utility companies for LED refrigerated display lighting for those who act now! Many of these utility rebates are set to expire at the end of this year.

Call me today and I will contact you to discuss the rebates and incentives offered in your area. I will work with you to maximize these incentives and your energy savings by creating a solution that matches the needs of your operation.

Changing is mandatory. The cost is yours to control

In this economy, putting money into improving your business’ energy efficiency is one of the best investments you can make. The businesses that make energy-saving investments are expected to earn a 50% average annual rate of return over the lifetime of their new, efficient equipment. It’s tough to imagine other investments with such solid return potential. Another good reason to take energy-saving actions now is the simple fact that waiting is expensive. In other words, deciding to do nothing is like volunteering to pay higher energy costs than necessary, month after month. 

Why Replace T12 Lamps With LED Cooler Door Lights








SimpleTube LED cooler door lights for walk-in cooler and freezer cases provides retailers with the lowest energy cost, the brightest illumination and the truest color. Other benefits include:

  • Retrofit for fluorescent lamp 4′, 5′ and 6′. 
  • Energy efficient & long life. 
  • Excellent durability with 5-10 year lamp life 
  • Input power: 120VAC (230VAC available). 
  • Ballast-free, remote power supply-free. 
  • Built-in LED driver, no bulky heat sink or external power supply 
  • Greater energy savings with optional dimmer 
  • User-friendly installation. 
  • Lower carbon footprint, no mercury 
  • CRI: > 75 
  • 5-year warranty on LED lights
  • More uniform product illumination 
  • Rebates available in many areas 


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Advantages of LED Over T8 Lamps

Convenience stores, supermarkets and gas station C-stores have recurring problems with their T8 fluorescent refrigerated display lighting and are impressed by the advantages of LED over T8 lamps. Poor lighting, high energy costs, ballast failures, continual repairs and customer dissatisfaction are constant complaints from retailers.

Following the lead of retail giants Wal-mart, Target and c-stores like 7-Eleven and Kwik-Mart, many convenience store and grocer owners are looking to replace the inefficient and outdated fluorescent lamps with the the very efficient LED cooler door lights. With the phase out of T12 lamps and ballast and the limited time availability of utility rebates, now is the time to act and start saving energy, enjoy reduced electric bills and eliminate the maintenance of re-lamping and ballast replacement. Just a few of the advantages of LED over T8 lamps.

The advantages of LED of LED over T8 lamps are not limited to energy savings and maintenance savings, but retailers are impressed with lighting uniformity, a neater look and true color rendering of food and beverage products in coolers and freezers alike.

Advantages of the SimpleTube over T8 LED Tubes

  • Exclusive, patented internal driver, no remote driver to replace
  • Triangular shape for better and complete product illumination
  • Equipped with a proprietary special shield to eliminate glare associated with cooler doors and lighting
  • Dimmable with select dimmers
  • Easy installation, like connecting stereo speaker wires.
  • No bi-pins or plastic end caps!
  • Six year manufacturer warranty
  • Rated for 50,000 plus hours

Other advantages of LED over T8 lamps;

  • the customer perceives your business is on the cutting edge and environmentally responsible.
  • The installation of SimpleTube LED lights will actually transform the store, giving customers an impression that you made a major investment, as now the store is so bright and vibrant!

Advantages of LED Over T8 Lamps












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Utility rebate programs vary from state to state in the amounts and the technologies that are listed in the commercial energy efficiency rebate program. Many of these programs offer incentives for a lighting retrofit project in the area of LED refrigerated display lighting aka LED cooler door lights.


Commercial Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

Commercial Energy Efficiency Rebate Programs

LED refrigerated display lighting rebates range from $25/door in Nevada to $75/door in California. For convenience stores, supermarkets and gas station grocers, this is the ideal time to replace and relamp your coolers and freezers with the SimpleTube LED refrigerated lighting system. (NOTE: retrofitting with the hybrid T8 LEDs do NOT qualify for utility rebates). With the phase out of the T12 fluorescent lamps and ballasts, many grocers and C-store operators are searching for solutions and have found that LEDs are ideal for coolers and freezers.

In California, SimpleTube is utility approved by Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), Southern California Edison (SCE) and San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E). SimpleTube also meets the requirements for most utility rebate programs.

To see if your utility company offers a rebate for retrofitting with LED refrigerated display lighting, click here.

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Featuring in grocery stores and convenience stores, SimpleTube LED before and after pictures. 

SimpleTube LED Before and After Pictures

SimpleTube LED Before and After Pictures
 SimpleTube LED Before and After Pictures



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Today more and more floor space of a convenience store, supermarket and a petrol C-store is dedicated to refrigerated and freezer cases. As the society evolves, more products and merchandise are displayed in refrigerated display cases. These cases account for more than 50% of the annual energy cost of these retail stores. With the very slim profit margins of convenience stores and supermarkets, operators are looking for energy efficiency in commercial refrigeration, enter LED lighting in convenience store and supermarket freezers.

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LED Lighting in Convenience Store and Supermarket Freezers

Until very recently, c-stores and grocers were using the inefficient fluorescent lamps to light the coolers and freezers. The problems with T12 lamps are numerous; brightness levels degraded soon after a relamp; ballasts not made for cold environments are known to fail suddenly. To prevent breakage the lamps required a protective sleeve which yellowed and cracked over time. Furthermore, the uneven lighting, and poor mounting locations for the fluorescent lamps along with the rising cost is re lamping and ballast replacement forced store owners to search for a better solution.










The SimpleTube LED refrigerated lighting system provides a better solution. SimpleTube LED cooler door lights do not suffer the same drop in light output under cold temperatures. SimpleTube LED centers are designed at a 60 degree angle to better illuminate the product displayed in the cooler and freezer doors thus providing more efficient lighting.

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