LED Light Bulbs

LED Light Bulbs or LED Lamps are made with identical bases so that they are directly interchangeable with incandescent bulbs. The LED light bulbs has a longer life and is more energy efficient. Compared to fluorescent bulbs, LED light bulbs contain no mercury – unlike a compact fluorescent lamp (CFL),-  turn on instantly, and their lifetime is unaffected by cycling on and off, making LED lamps well suited for residential or commercial light fixtures where bulbs are often turned on and off.

LED Light Bulbs

 LED Light Bulbs


The LED A-Lamp

is designed to replace traditional tungsten incandescent lamps. With wide 180 viewing angle, light is uniformly distributed into every direction and significant energy savings exceed over standard incandescent and halogen light sources. With LED technology, there is no UV or IR emissions.

Power consumption 6W

Voltage 120 VAC

Power factor > 0.9

Surface Temp < 60 deg C

CCT 3,000K-5,700K

Phillip Lumileds LED

Warranty 25,000 hrs.

LED Light Bulbs


3.5w LED A19

replaces 25w halogen bulb. Available in clear glass or frosted glass 

180° Beam Spread for maximum, illumination, InstantON and Instant Full Brightness

High Luminous Efficacy: Up to 65 Lm/W, Superior Lumen Maintenance of 70% after 50,000 hours of use

Very low levels of heat generated compared to halogen, Savings of up to 75% compared to incandescent and halogen lamps

Environmentally Friendly – Mercury Free design, RoHS Compliant- 5 Year Warranty

LED Light Bulbs

The LED Candle Bulb

is suitable for use in general indoor applications; track lighting, decorative fixtures.

3.5w LED candle bulb replaces 25w halogen bulb.

Also available in candle flame tip and dimmable series

LED Light Bulbs 

LED Globe Bulb

is for general indoor lighting; vanity, decorative and sign lighting 

3.5w LED globe bulb replaces 25w halogen bulb.






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